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Layout and positioning options

General Layout

A fixed width website implies that every page has a specified fixed width, regardless of the user's browser settings or monitor resolution. E.g., a 1000-pixel fixed-width site will be displayed on monitors with 1024x768 resolution without horizontal scrolling but it won't fit into the 640x480 monitor.
On the contrary, a fluid (liquid) layout is more flexible: there is no fixed page width, and content is always fitted to the user's browser resolution, no horizontal scroll bar will appear.

Fixed Included Fluid or Liquid +$29.00

Header and Footer Layout

Specify here whether you'd like to have a fluid or fixed layout for a header and footer of your website.

Fixed Included Fluid or Liquid +$9.00

Horizontal Alignment

If your site is narrower than the width of a user's browser window, how would you like it to be aligned?

Left Center Right

Vertical Alignment

If your site is shorter than the height of a user's browser window, how would you like it to be aligned?

Top Middle Bottom

Browser compatibility and advanced coding options

Browser Compatibility

IE 7+ Included FireFox Included Opera Included

Safari Included Chrome Included IE 6 +$39.00

Implement Rollovers

Indicate whether you would like your layout to use dynamic rollovers for links or menu elements.

No Yes Included

Implement Dynamic Menus

Specify if you would like a dynamic menu with CSS to be implemented. Whether you need a custom menu, the cost will depend on your requirements.

No Included Drop-Down Menu+$9.00

Non-standard fonts

This option makes possible to use nonstandard (non-web) fonts. Please do not forget to send us all the custom fonts which were used in your design.

No Included @font-face +$19.00

W3C Valid Shorthand and Optimized CSS

This option serves to maximize CSS compatibility and size optimization of the CSS file developed for your layout.

No Yes Included

Commented HTML Markup

Select this option if you want to comment the code, e.g., for easier maintenance and updating.

No Yes Included

Table-less Coding

Table-less coding makes the markup more accessible and optimized. This type of coding is a major trend in the modern web development. Note that according to W3C recommendations we do use tables for tabular data.

Table Table-less Include

SEO Semantic Coding, Complete Presentational Separation

This option implements the coding that uses SEO-valued tags to underline the most important parts of the content. The option also includes content positioning techniques, moving the most important parts of the content to the top of the page code. This improves page readability for search engines as well as browsers with limited or disabled CSS.

No Yes Included

Optimized for Load Speed

If selected, a special attention will be payed to Load Speed optimization

No Yes Included

SSI Templates Implementation

The code will be divided into several logical parts (template files): navigation, content, header, footer, etc. These template files will be used for page generation with the help of SSI (Server Side Includes) technology. The final templates may be re-used for pages generation in the future without additional coding.

No Included Yes +$9.00

Commented CSS Markup

Select this option if you want to comment the CSS file. It means comments addition to CSS elements explaining the style structures and allowing easier maintaining and updating in the future.

No Yes Included
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